CAT Barcamp – Oct 6, 2018

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Location: 1930 SW 4th Ave Portland Oregon 97201

Portland State Engineering Building

CAT Barcamp

Is An Unconference

An informal conference whose agenda is directed by its attendees. Everyone who comes is a potential speaker and decides what to speak on the day of!

Is Open to Everyone

CAT Barcamp is not only for PSU students! Anyone who has an interest in being involved may attend.

Has no Charge to Attend

In the spirit of the Open Source Community Barcamps are free of charge. All we ask is that you register so that our planners have an idea of how many attendees to expect.

Has Sessions

The sessions at a Barcamp are as unpredictable as the Oregon weather. They can be on various topics, from technology-oriented dev ops to non technology oriented ‘How to make the BEST grilled cheese EVER!’.

Is Unscheduled

Barcamps are unscheduled which means that the topics for sessions are not pre-determined. The timeslots for the sessions however are. Everyone gets a chance to pick a timeslot in which to speak in throughout the unconference.

Contact Information

Email (preferred)
IRC #catbarcamp on Freenode
Twitter @catbarcamp

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